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About Us  : “ Biohall Lifesciences “ the name represents a dependable and credible company of quality labware for the Life science fraternity across the globe.

Driven by a Passionate team with only objective of providing most economical labware with highest quality standards, we are known for maintaining the standards right from Manufacturing to customer service.

With a dealer network in about 45 countries across the globe and strong domestic network we have started to make a mark in the global Industry, and today more and more end users are recognising the need for a replacement to overpriced Glassware products with equivalent quality to keep a check over ever increasing budgets of their labs and considerably reducing the cost of healthcare projects across globe.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 17025:2017 certified company and CE marked. We follow intense quality control measures, audits and periodic reviews to ensure our plant, warehouse and maintenance system run effectively and efficiently leaving no compromise on the quality served to our clients.

Our team with a combined experience of about 30 years in similar industry is our core strength along with the vast product portfolio we cater. Biohall Labware today have found its way and applicability in almost every lab right from Molecular biology to Immunology , from Genomics to proteomics and from cell culture to general laboratories.

With fast changing scenario and a volatile market Biohall is emerging as a safer alternative across the globe.

With an Aim to constantly improvise and serve the scientific fraternity across the globe we are touching new milestones keeping along all the stake holders involved.

Why Biohall Glassware :

  • Biohall provides a vast range of products almost fulfilling every need of Glassware in a general lab.
  • The quality standard required for lab glassware are high so as to provide consistent results for research and other lab usage.
  • Our labware fulfils every requirement  of being a fine quality research lab item.

Major quality of Biohall Glassware are:

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Since glass apparatus used in a lab should be having maximum clarity and at the same time chemical inertness . Biohall fulfils all the prerequisites and produces highly resistant labware with high resistant to Salts, Acids, Alkalis and all the organic and inorganic solvents.

High chemical inertness ensures wide applicability.


  • BIOHALL manufactures labware in both class A and class B ensuring high accuracy and a wider choice as per end user requirements.
  • Class A products are individually certified ensuring maximum reliability.


  • BIOHALL Glasswares are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks which makes them really reliable apparatus in long run.


  • With Uniform and a very optimum wall thickness Biohall glassware have a high mechanical strength.
  • A high mechanical stability ensures applicability in wide areas like sterilization etc.

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